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SPRIG is the Sunset Park Revitalization and Improvement Group.

Through engagement, stewardship, and action, our mission is to make our park clean, safe, fun, and beautiful, so that all can better enjoy the best view in Brooklyn.

SPRIG was formed by a group of community members motivated initially by the need to rebuild Sunset Park’s playground.  Our vision is not limited to the park’s playground and we advocate for the needs of the entire park.  We invite all to join despite our busy lives.  By giving even a little time we can celebrate and improve the park that makes our neighborhood so special.

Our recent activities include:

  • securing repairs to existing playground structures before the full renovation happens (groundbreaking will not be before 2014).
  • engaging in monthly “park improvement” projects, be it simple trash pick-ups or other projects.
  • hosting fun, informal events in the park and recreation center.
  • liaising with the Parks Department about using capital money allocated in 2011 for the playground’s renovation.
  • organizing regular clean-ups of the playground the first weekend of each month (alternating Saturdays and Sundays).
  • planting bulbs in conjunction with the Sunset Park Garden Club

In the future we hope to raise funds for other park improvements, and work together with other park volunteer groups to benefit and serve the park.

SPRIG welcomes anyone who would like to be involved to join us at our meetings and events.  By working to raise funds and awareness of the park’s needs, SPRIG hopes to improve the best view in Brooklyn and turn Sunset Park back into the jewel in the crown it was meant to be, so it can provide a safe and peaceful respite for generations to come.

If you’d like to become involved please email us at SPRIGbrooklyn@gmail.com for detailed information.  To connect with us via social media, click onto our Facebook and Twitter links.

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